Studies show that 90% of leaders say employee engagement impacts business success, yet 75% have no engagement plan or strategy.

Kontribune is a simple community engagement tool that enables you to publish the stories emerging from and inspiring your employees to deliver incredible results.

 Increased engagement

According to Will Werhane, Global Managing Director of Hay Group Insight, “Highly engaged employees create better business outputs, more loyal customers, and better financial performance.”

Kontribune allows you to present and share stories and information that create an emotional connection, while also conveying the messages and values of the organization. Through ongoing communication and interaction you can nurture employees with meaningful content and experience. As employees are encouraged to contribute and share, their willingness to participate increases transforming them into motivated team players and passionate advocates for your company.

Razor Sharp Focus

Thought leader Dan Pink describes purpose as one of the pillars of motivation. Kontribune lets you share information and publish stories that align employees to the your organization’s purpose and creates focus around key objectives. You can easily clarify important decisions and strategic directions and make announcements, while sharing stories of success and recognizing exceptional performance.

 Exceptional Communication

Increased touch points with employees assure they feel connected and heard.  When employees see that they matter, their level of commitment to the organization increases.

 Accurate Pulse

Your administrator or community manager can view comments and contributions from employees to glean valuable information about how they feel, what they are experiencing, and what they are interested in. You can use that information to further engage and motivate them.

 Valuable Education and Training Opportunities

Education and training can enhance employee engagement by nurturing talent and helping people learn things. Publish educational articles, case studies, and training content through Kontribune for easy access by employees for their development and growth.

Vibrant, Centralized Presence

An “owned” social network or community gives you maximum control over messaging and creates one central location for engagement. Kontribune lets you publish within one environment, pulling together an otherwise scattered presence. A vibrant online community is like a magnet to great talent, trusted suppliers and loyal customers that resonate with your culture and messaging. Kontribune cuts through the noise and offers a reliable place for employees to get the information they need, when they need it.

 More Control

With built-in moderation and monitoring features, Kontribune allows you to share a narrative and provide the prompts. You can fuel an authentic conversation, while also sustaining a true and strong brand voice.

Convey Value

Collecting and publishing the stories emerging from your employee community in one place, gives people a snapshot of your company culture and values. With Kontribune you can provide essential information and further establish what is positive about your brand.