Brands & Nonprofits

Kontribune can also be utilized to engage customers, donors and volunteers.

 Kontribune for Brands

Kontribune is not only an effective engagement tool for employees, it a perfect solution for customers as well. When you present meaningful and relevant content to customers that is tailored to their interests and passions, you organically inspire action.  As they interact and respond to that content they create a story about your brand. You can use this content to feature your product and service attributes that can be easily shared with and attract others.

Kontribune is a platform that encourages contribution and sharing of information, beliefs and stories amongst customers, with built in moderation to assure content quality, relevance and integrity.

Kontribune for Nonprofits

Kontribune was designed to embrace user-generated, guided content creation. Stories have long inspired volunteers and donors to connect to the difference their offering is making.  Kontribune can be utilized to engage donors and volunteers by allowing you to publish transformational stories of accomplishment. When donors and volunteers recognize and feel that their contributions matter, their participation and willingness expand.

Using Kontribune you can inform people how they can help and provide important updates about the status and impact of projects.